Clinton Offers DeGeneres a Cabinet Position and Narrows Her VP List on ‘Ellen'

Ellen DeGeneres tried to help Clinton narrow her vice presidential pick in a game of "Who'd You Rather?"

Hillary Clinton "offered" Ellen DeGeneres a position in her cabinet, should the Democratic front-runner win the White House in November.

In an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airing Wednesday, Clinton turned the table on the show's host, revealing she was there to interview DeGeneres for a possible job in her administration. 

"I know that you have a lot to contribute and I would make you really be in charge of returning kindness to America," Clinton said. "Something that you care a lot about. Try to lift people’s spirits, give them something to be happy about because your show every day does that for millions of people."

DeGeneres would continue doing her daytime show, Clinton said, but the Los Angeles-taped show would have to be moved to Washington, D.C.

"Maybe you could do it from the White House," the former secretary of state proposed to sweeten the deal.

"That would be great to do the show from the White House; why don’t I do that?" DeGeneres exclaimed. She declined the position because Clinton said she would have to live in the vice president's house and not the presidential mansion.

"I have a nice house, I'm fine," the comedian quipped.

DeGeneres tried to help Clinton narrow her vice presidential pick in "Who'd You Rather?" a game where photos of two famous people were shown and Clinton had to choose which person she preferred to run with on a ticket. [[380820931, C]]

"This is very helpful,” Clinton said.

In a contest between businessman Mark Cuban and Vice President Joe Biden, Clinton chose Biden. But he was eliminated in the next match-up when he appeared against "Scandal" star Tony Goldwyn. The actor stood strong as Clinton picked him over "Survivor" host Jeff Probst and even her Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders.

"Gotta go with Tony!" Clinton blurted out when a photo of the Vermont senator appeared.

Goldwyn was finally dethroned by George Clooney. Other potential VP picks included Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.

"I really believe in making lemonade out of lemons," Clinton said, a reference to the singer's new album.

Earlier in the interview, DeGeneres asked Clinton if Sanders should drop out of the race, noting "it just looks like 99 percent sure you will be the nominee."

"Look, I think he has to do what he chooses to do. I understand that, I ran all the way to the end against then Sen. Obama," Clinton said. "And when it was over, because we had a much closer race than the one currently is between Sen. Sanders and myself, I withdrew. I endorsed him and I worked really hard to elect him and I do believe that Bernie will do that.

"Saturday Night Live's" Kate McKinnon, who plays Clinton and DeGeneres on the sketch comedy show, was also on "Ellen" Wednesday with her "Ghostbusters" castmates. So, it was only fitting that she would do her most well-known impressions in front of her real-life inspirations. [[380820751, C]]

"Thank you so much for spending your life fighting for the middle class, and for women, and for kids," McKinnon told Clinton in a dead-on DeGeneres impersonation. "I’ve also spent my life fighting for kids, but I am talking about baby goats."

McKinnon then switched to her Clinton voice, telling DeGeneres, "Every day we face hard choices like which statement blazer to wear. When I’m president, I’ll make sure that every American has a fair shot to live up to his or her God-given potential to watch you dance!"

Asked which of the two ladies McKinnon has the most fun parodying, the "SNL" star had a hard time deciding, eventually choosing the person running to be "the next president of the United States."

"I gotta go with her," McKinnon laughed while pointing to Clinton.

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