Palm Springs

Hikers, the Palm Springs Trailicious Pass Is Back

The free mobile pass connects you to 30 local trails. A bonus? Trailicious users may win a free restaurant gift card.

Nivek Neslo

What to Know

  • The Greater Palm Springs Trailicious Pass
  • Swing by to register, then check in when you're .5 miles from a trailhead
  • The free mobile pass features 30 trails, and users will be entered into weekly restaurant gift card drawings

SPRING IN THE DESERT? Those simple but poetic words can fill a person's daydreams with fragrant cactus flowers, and their mind with vast blue skies, and their happy thoughts with puffy clouds, the sort of thunderheads that sometimes cling to the tops of Mount San Jacinto or San Gorgonio Mountain, and make the massive peaks look like they're wearing cloud crowns. It's a glorious time in the Coachella Valley, and in and around the desert resort cities, and discovering ethereal outdoor adventures can be as easy as picking up a guidebook, asking a friend's sage advice, or signing up for Trailicious, the free mobile pass provided by the desert-obsessed people at Greater Palm Springs. And Trailicious, which features good-to-know details about 30 hiking trails in the area, just made its big return for 2022.

HOW TO START? You'll want to visit to register. There are a couple of steps, like keeping an eye out for a text, but there isn't an app to download. Then, when you're close to the trailhead you've chosen? Let Trailicious know you're .5 miles away from starting your delightful desert adventure, and you'll be entered into a drawing for a local restaurant gift card. And isn't that what hikers love to discuss when they're out on the trail? What sort of omelet or sandwich or omelet sandwich they'd love to devour once the hike has wrapped and they've taken a seat on a patio at a fabulous regional eatery? Of course, outdoor explorers are also discussing the plants, animals, mountains, sky, and clouds as they head down a trail, and there are plenty of those amazing things around the sunny Greater Palm Springs area to moon over.

FOR MORE ON THIS FREE TREAT, a love letter to whimsy-seeking wanderers and hike-happy on-the-movers, visit the Trailiicous GPS site now, and start planning for your spring fling among the ocotillos, waterfalls, lizards, and lovely features of the always epic area (but maybe slightly even more epic when spring has sprung).

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