Happy 147th, Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Enjoy a celebration at "one of the tallest lighthouses in America," near Santa Cruz.

WHEN YOU'RE A LIGHTHOUSE... that's about to have a birthday? You really don't need to send anyone out to the store for candles. Because you are a candle, the biggest candle ever, and certainly one of the greatest candles of the coastline. California is home to many such candles, though today these sky-reaching structures are powered by electricity, and have advances in technology to thank for their impressive power. There just happens to be a big anniversary coming up for one of the Golden State's most glowful landmarks, a lighthouse that's been standing northwest of Santa Cruz, and about 90 minutes south of San Francisco, for 147 years. That's beyond party-worthy, and a party is set to happen on Saturday, Nov. 16. It's a...

FREE CELEBRATION... for Pigeon Point Lighthouse's 147th anniversary, one that will be hosted by California State Parks and Coastside State Parks Association, and there'll be plenty of history-rich, view-sweet doings during the day. You may want to hop on a tour of the tower base, or join your kids for a host of activities in the dining hall. Face painting, live tunes, a book signing, and other convivial doings will fill out the festivities. One note? While entry is free to the light-of-heart lighthouse-loving day, the tours are ten dollars each. 

AS FOR PIGEON POINT'S STATS? It stands at 115 feet, making it "one of the tallest lighthouses in America." How it guided ships back in 1872, the year it opened? With the aid of a "five-wick lard oil lamp and first-order Fresnel lens." Find out more about this true slice of Pacific-important history at a family-fun anniversary gathering. Never wished a lighthouse well before? Here's your chance.

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