Hamiltons Eliminated From Curling Contention

Mixed doubles #HamFam team defeats Norway after loss against China

The Hamilton siblings rallied to a 10-3 win against Norway in mixed doubles curling Saturday evening, but earlier defeats mean the U.S. won't have a shot at reaching the semifinals. 

Matt and Becca Hamilton came into Saturday morning's game against China at the bottom of the standings and needing a win. After facing top ranked Canada and defending World Champions Switzerland in Games 2 and 3, the road didn’t get easier for the Hamilton siblings as they were tasked with taking on a China team that was third at the 2017 World Championships, and second in 2016.

The U.S. jumped out early, stealing two points in the first end, but couldn’t carry that offense forward, falling 6-4 to China’s Rui Wang and Ba Dexin.

The first end was the first time the Hamiltons had scored more than one point in an end since the first game of the competition against Olympic Athletes from Russia.

“The Chinese team came out great. They capitalized on our misses and were able to steal. Unfortunately, we came out on the wrong end of the stick there," Becca Hamilton said to reporters following the game.

The offense stalled from there though, as they were only able to muster one point over the next four ends, and another single point in the seventh. After leading 3-1 heading into the fourth, China scored a single point in each of the fourth, fifth and sixth ends, forcing a power play by the U.S. in the seventh.

The two teams headed to the final end tied 4-4, but China was able to steal two points for the ultimate win.

China stole points in three ends in the game.

“For the most part, we played a pretty good game," Matt Hamilton said. "It was just kind of a bonehead play not taking the power play in six. We got a little aggressive, we felt like were playing good, we were confident we could score a point there and I got a little heavy on my last rock and took the chances out of Becca’s hands."

The U.S. has played better than their record shows. Becca Hamilton came into the China game shooting 75 percent, tops among all women in the competition. Brother Matt Hamilton came in shooting 73 percent.

However, the loss eliminated the U.S. from reaching the semifinals. There are scenarios that would put USA into a three- or four-way tie for fourth place with a 3-4 record, but because they have lost to the other tied teams they will be unable to advance.

“You look at the stats, we’re right up there with the other teams – even better sometimes. It’s just the one shot that gets us and bites us in the end,” Becca Hamilton said. “We had a couple of unfortunate steals there when we had to score. We’re going to have to come back sharp. Hopefully, we are going to have some tie-breakers in our favor later. 

In the case of a four-way tie, it was unclear Saturday on whether or not the U.S. would have to play a tiebreaker match, but even if they won that match they would not reach the playoffs.

The U.S. will conclude play on Sunday morning against Finland (0-5).

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