“Green Lantern 2” Already in the Pipeline, “Flash” Hot on His Heels

With "Green Lantern" still a year away, the studio behind it hired three of the film's writers to cook up a treatment for both a sequel and a "Flash" feature film.

TV veterans Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim have all been hired by Warner Bros. to write a pair of treatments, reported Heat Vision, and then the studio will choose one for the trio to turn into a script.

While it may seem the very height of hubris to plan a sequel a full year ahead of the original's release, the fact is that any number of films are made with endings that clearly point the way to a second installment (we're looking at you, "A-Team").

And Warner made it clear earlier this month they were going all-in on "Green Lantern," currently shooting in New Orleans with a cast including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard, announcing plans for every marketing tie-in short of a Victoria's Secret line.

As for Flash, Jeff Johns over at DC Entertainment, is a huge fan of the character and is eager to see him on the big screen, specifically the Barry Allen version, which is cool and all, but we greatly prefer the old-school, stripped down look of the Jay Garrick era Flash.

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