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Inside the Green Berets' Hunt for Warlord Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony's army of child soldiers robbed central Africa of a generation, and the self-proclaimed Christian prophet has been accused of murder, rape, kidnapping and torture by the International Criminal Court.

NBC News reports that the United States considers Kony a "specially designated global terrorist," and it's the Green Berets' mission to "apprehend or remove" the notorious warlord, the subject of the viral "Kony2012" videos, from the battlefield, with his top commanders.

They operate in an area of central Africa the size of California, and the physically, mentally and tactically demanding patrols can last days. The list of dangers is long, even without the possibility of encountering armed fighters.

But the mission may soon end. The Trump administration is shifting its focus to counterterrorism, and the Green Berets could be pulled from the search for Kony as early as this month, with the warlord still at large.

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