Rescue Dog’s Road to Recovery in Photos

A Georgia veterinarian is helping a rescue pup recover by eating breakfast with her in her cage. A video of veterinarian Andy Mathis eating his breakfast -- from a dog bowl -- alongside the put has gone viral. Mathis has been nursing Graycie Claire back to health since late January, document her progress on Facebook.

13 photos
Dr. Andy Mathis
Veterinarian Andy Mathis first began posting photos of Graycie Claire on Jan. 30. She was named by Mathis' friends to denote her coloring and has "a double name being Southern and all," Mathis posted on Facebook.
Dr. Andy Mathis
When Mathis first met Graycie she was starving at 20 pounds, dehydrated, hypothermic with a temperature of 95 degrees, anemic, and with a vaginal prolapse.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Mathis was called by someone who found the stray dog, but couldn't afford to treat her.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Mathis tracked Graycie's road to recovery with this image posted on Facebook on Feb. 4, showing that she has been in his care for six days and now weighs 22 pounds.
Dr. Andy Mathis
This photo, posted on Feb. 4, shows Graycie on the road to recovery.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Mathis tracks Graycie's recovery in photos. This photo is from Feb. 5.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Mathis posted this photo on Facebook of Graycie waking up from surgery.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Graycie begins to visually perk up as her treatment progresses, notable in this photo posted on Feb. 14.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Day 16 in Mathis' care and three days after an operation, Graycie weighs 25.8 pounds.
Dr. Andy Mathis
EMPTY_CAPTION"It's horrible to imagine the suffering this poor little dog has gone through! God bless this very compassionate man for giving loving care and a new start to this sweet dog," posted one person on Facebook in response to this photo of Graycie.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Graycie rests under a heat lamp in this photo that Mathis posted on Feb. 15."This is what she does mostly if I'm not pestering her (her words)," he wrote.
Dr. Andy Mathis
Mathis posted this photo of Graycie on Feb. 17.
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