Google's Robot Cars Go to Governor for Approval

California's legislators have approved Google's robot cars on public roads Wednesday and now the governor can decides the bill's fate.

If the bill is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, it would greatly change how cars would be made and driven -- namely by computers, according to the San Jose Mercury News. About 99 percent of all traffic and fatal collisions are caused by human error, so robots might be a safer bet.

The bill passed unanimously in the state Senate on Wednesday and almost did in the Assembly before being placed on the governor's desk for his signature. If the bill passes, the robot cars will be given standards by the Department of Motor Vehicles and manufacturers will have to get their models approved by the state. Don't expect any of this until around 2015, however.

There have been some concerns about insurance -- who's liable in an accident? The driver or the manufacturer? -- but the cars have been shown to be remarkably safe. Price is another question. Right now, the Google robot car is a prototype and it's unknown how much it would cost to mass produce a model, or if it's possible to create a cost-effective one.
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