Google’s Digital Newsstand to Take on Apple

Robert Scoble

Google is gathering publishers to add to its new digital newsstand in an attempt to compete with Apple's offerings on mobile devices, according to a recent report.

Google is reportedly in talks with several publishers, including Conde Nast, Hearst Corp. and Time-Warner Inc., to digitally distribute its periodicals to its Android devices, the Wall Street Journal reported. Google will feature publisher apps which would let users read their publications and Google would collect a fee. The tech giant also reportedly told publishers it would collect a significantly smaller fee than the 30 percent taken at the Apple iTunes store and also provide publishers with user data.

In response to the report, Google said in a statement, "We've consistently said we're talking with publishers about ways we can work together, including whether we can help them with technology for subscription services. We have nothing specific to announce at this time." The three publishers also had no comment..

Not to be outdone, Apple is also reportedly working with publishers to sell digital subscriptions on its iOS machines, but still taking a 30 percent cut.

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