Google X’s Megan Smith May Be Next U.S. Chief Tech Officer

Getty Images

The White House is considering Google X vice president Megan Smith for the country's chief technology officer, according to reports.

Smith, 49, is "a top candidate for the role," according to Bloomberg News. She would be the third CTO ever, following Aneesh Chopra and Todd Park. Park, who helped fix the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) website vacated the position recently. 

Both Google and the White House declined to comment on the story to Bloomberg News.

The chief technology officer is a "White House chief geek-in-residence" and advises about technology. 

Smith, who joined Google in 2003, serves as the vice president of Google X, Google's innovative technology lab that has created drones and self-driving cars. Before that she was the chief executive officer of Planet Out, a gay and lesbian site.
President Barack Obama has always had a soft spot for Silicon Valley. Whether it's stumping for donations or enjoying tech admiration, Obama seems to be attracted to those in the region, so Smith would be a solid choice.
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