Google Willing to Pay Millions to House 8 Jets at Moffett Field

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"Do no evil" has its limits when it comes to the environment.

Critics of Google are latching onto a report in The San Jose Mercury News over the weekend that the top three executives of the search company have eight jets between them.

The irony of course being that the Mountain View-based search company prides itself on doing good for the world, which of course applies to be going and green towards Mother Earth.

Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt use eight jets between the three of them for all their travel and the Google executives would like to be able to house those planes at nearby Moffett Federal Field.

The trio is willing to pay up to $33 million towards a renovation project already underway at the joint military and civilian airfield.

Google wants to be able to use 75 percent of the floorspace to house their jets in return for the investment.

Beyond the green factor, not everyone is thrilled with Google's generosity.

"We don't want to see 'Google' in 200-foot letters on that hangar," Steve Williams of the Save Hangar One Committee told the paper.

But officials with the airfield say Google doesn't want that either -- just the parking space.

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