Google Still No. 1 in Search


Search engine activity remained flat in June, with Google hanging onto its immense 65.5 percent market share while other search engines also held their steady audiences.

Second to Google was Yahoo with a static 15.9 percent, then came Microsoft with a slight rise from 14.1 to 14.4, with a steady 2.9 and AOL with a slight drop from 1.5 to  1.4, according to comScore, a digital data research firm.

The relatively flat report signifies to us that users are reluctant to change search engines. A Google user is very unlikely to start using AOL for search, and vice-versa. Each search engine is serving its population satisfactorily -- usually a good thing. But Google's 10.9 billion searches and market share dominance creates fear and loathing in its competitors -- and part of the reason it's facing a government probe, with much of it spearheaded by the No.3 of search, Microsoft.

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