Google Puts Security Guards on the Payroll

Google will now place 200 security guards onto its payroll, according to reports.

The tech titan will now make all of its security guards full employees with the same benefits as other Google employees, according to USA Today. Previously Google had faced criticism for outsourcing its service workers, such as security guards and janitors -- so that those workers were barely making minimum wage while working next to generously compensated Google employees. Previously Google contracted with Security Industry Specialists. The company declined to comment on Google's decision.

However, Google has changed that by announcing that it will make all its security guards employees, around 200 employees at its Mountain View, Calif., San Francisco and San Bruno, Calif. locations. They will also receive all Google perks, including free food, yoga and child care. 

"Building an in-house security team is something we are excited to do," Google spokeswoman Meghan Casserly said in a statement to USA Today. "A year ago we in-sourced the Google security operations center and we are looking forward to making these valued positions both full- and part-time Google employees."

The decision comes after Google, and other tech companies have faced criticism from labor unions, including a protest at Google headquarters in June. While the security guards are on the payroll, other workers such as janitors and shuttle bus drivers, are not typically on the company payroll. The majority of these positions are filled by black and Latinos, both underrepresented groups in the Silicon Valley.
Perhaps Google will also put shuttle bus drivers and janitors on the payroll, too.
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