Google Maps Shows Apple Keeps Strange Bedfellows

Reuters would like to remind us all this holiday season that bitter enemies at war can sometimes still get into bed together.

For evidence look no further than the ongoing, international legal war being waged between Apple and Samsung over whose tablet looks more like that other and other amusing inside tech battles.

But it turns out in the midst of all of this tension that the two companies have been working together all along.

Apple is reportedly using chips manufactured by Samsung in a factory in Austin, Texas for its iPad and iPhone.

Reuters says the factory, whose existence The LA Times confirmed using Google Maps, has been producing high-precision microchips, such as Apple's A5 since 1998.

Samsung reportedly began supplying Apple with the chip earlier this year. Both companies declined to comment to Reuters about the story.

The news interestingly enough comes just a day after Samsung said Apple's suits were actually helping the South Korean company's business.

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