Google Is Searching for BART Parking


Working for a company that has money has its perks.

Not only does Google provide free gourmet meals for its employees but the Silicon Valley titan is now in negotiations to secure BART parking for its Nooglers.

Google is requesting that BART set aside 30 parking spaces at the Milbrae BART station for its employees.

BART would collect about $4,500 a month on the deal and more than $50,000 annually. Google would also be given the option to renew the deal for up to five years. The deal could be expanded to include 60 spots if necessary.

And before anyone cries foul, the deal would not be taking parking spaces away from other BART riders. At least spaces that are being used.

Currently about 80 percent of the station's parking spaces are used on a daily basis.

BART's Board of Directors will vote on the contract Thursday.

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