Google Glass Goes Vogue

Getty Images

It seems as if Google Glass is conquering high fashion.

The wearable computer will be the subject of a 12-page editorial in the fashion bible Vogue, according to Mashable. Previously, the computer that sits on one's nose like a pair of glasses, has been described as dorky or geeky - likely because of the goofy pictures taken of them, but Vogue will have models with matching outfits.

The spread will be photographed by Steve Klein in a futuristic pictorial, "The Final Frontier" with fall season outerwear against a barren planetary landscape. 

Previously Marie Claire creative director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia said she would be streaming at New York Fashion Week with Google Glass, a first for the device and Fashion Week. Warby Parker also signed up to make more stylish frames for the wearable computer. 

Vogue's September issue is its biggest, and by including technology trends, the fashion magazine is showing its relevance. Whether this will open Google Glass to a larger audience is unknown, but it's a win-win for Google.
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