Google Chrome Becomes Second Most Popular Browser

According to data crunched by Statcounter, Chrome is on the up and up. In the three short years since Google's Chrome Web browser exploded on the scene, it's jumped from virtual unknown browser to second. It's now dethroned Mozilla's Firefox for second most popular Web browser used.

Chrome's lead ahead of Firefox isn't much. StatCounter pegs Chrome's market share to be about 25.69 percent versus Firefox's 25.23 percent, meanwhile Microsoft's Internet Explorer still leads the pack with an astounding 40.63 percent.

Chrome's ascent can be attributed to its fast version update cycle. Google releases a new version of its Chrome browser every six weeks. Mozilla has only recently started to play catch up and speed up its Firefox release to a five week one.

It helps that Chrome's simplified aesthetic has also become the standard with even Internet Explorer and Firefox aping its design. Chrome's doing all right, but it still has a Great Wall to climb to get within arm's reach of Internet Explorer.

Tell us what browser you're using in the comment box thingy below. I'll start. I'm using Chrome 15. And you?

Statcounter, via TNW

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