Google Bans Siri Knockoff App and Developer


You may have heard of Siri, that sultry vixen with the smooth voice who doesn't know where abortion clinics are but likes to curse out twelve-year-olds. Well, like most sultry vixens (trust me, I know like two… that I saw… on TV… once), she's not a fan of imitators, and even rival Google will ban a Siri knockoff and its developer from the Android Market.

Sad, really, that this second-rate, nothing-like-Siri knockoff was banned, since it was nothing more than a button (shaped like the Siri icon) that opened Google Voice Actions. In other words, it was a mean trick for anyone who wanted Siri for free.

And that poor developer had already had another fake-as-hell application banned, which was called Pinterest, and was billed as "a mobile wrapper for Pinterest's own mobile website."

Really curious as to this guy's intentions. Seems like a whole bunch of work to just to be a minor inconvenience to people for free. Guess some folks have the luxury of time.

So lesson learned, everyone: leave Siri alone. You can't win. If you're a child, your ears will long sting from her retorts and if you're an adult trying to imitate her, you'll be forever banned from the Android Market.


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