Google Autocomplete Map May Reveal State Stereotypes

Amazing maps

Netizens now know what Google thinks of their home state, thanks to the search engine's autocomplete feature.

Twitter account @Amazing_Maps filled in a United States map with the first word that pops up after typing into Google "Why is [state] so" for each state in the union.

For example, typing in "Why is Texas so" yielded "Why is Texas so big? as the very first search that came up under Google autocomplete.

Some search results described the weather (cold), landscape (flat) and standard of living (cheap, expensive), while some results provided a more controversial description of the state,  like "Why is Louisianan so racist?" and "Why is Illinois so corrupt?"

Google's autocomplete feature helps users find information quickly by auto filling in results that are similar to the one in the query.

Check out Amazing Maps' tweet of the Google autocomplete map below:

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