Golf in Gold Country

Take a swing in Calaveras County.

Saddle Creek Resort

IN FLIGHT: Calaveras County is certainly known for things that take to the air. Well, not things, exactly, but green little leap-leg frogs. Few spots get more famous for flying things, in fact (because few places are cited in a Mark Twain story). But the gorgeous, hill-rolly Gold Country stretch is also known for the occasional aloft golf ball, certainly in the Saddle Creek Resort area. The course at Saddle Creek has the benefit of being between the wide-open stretches of the middle of the state and the Sierra, meaning there's a whole gentle-rolling-hill thing going on (that's one of our favorite things to go on, actually). Another favorite thing? A good package. And a new golf package is about to start up on Thursday, March 1.

THE DETAILS: You get an overnight at a lodge bungalow complete with fireplace and two rounds of golf. And the Sunday through Thursday price? Starts at $219 a person. If you're not a golf person, but still got to have your foothills love -- we all give those not-so-far-off foothills the love and visits they deserve, yes? -- there are other ways to enjoy the resort beyond teeing off. And beyond Saddle Creek? Well, Yosemite isn't too far off, nor the wineries of Madera County. And if you do want to get your fill of frogs -- at least painted and toy ones -- Angels Camp, which is HQ of the Twain frog tale, is just a hop north of the resort. We tried not to type "hop" there but, honest, we couldn't resist.

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