Man Who Jumped Off the Golden Gate Bridge and Survived Produces Suicide Prevention Documentary

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After jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and surviving, Kevin Hines has gone on to produce a suicide prevention documentary.

Inspired by the guilt, grief and pain he witnessed his family go through after his own suicide attempt, "The Ripple Effect" explores the impact that suicide and attempted suicides have on loved ones.

"The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret," Hines told BuzzFeed.

Out of the 1 percent of jumpers who survive a fall from the Golden Gate Bridge, Hines said he knows of 19 survivors who also said that they instantly realized they had made a mistake and didn't want to die.

"To the families who live with the loss or losses of loved ones, they didn't do that to hurt you or destroy your life," Hines said. "They took their lives because they were struggling and in a great deal of emotional and mental pain."

Hines has raised over $52,000 on an Indiegogo campaign in order to complete production, but Hines is seeking additional donations to explore new opportunities to film in Australia and Japan.

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