Get iOS 6 Earlier (and Buggier)

With only $99 an Apple fan can get a pre-release version of iOS 6, but it's probably going to buggy.
Apple fans can pay $99 to join the iOS Developer Program and purchase a "buggy alpha version" of iOS 6, according to Wired. Startups are using the program to sell the alpha iOS software usually for less than $10 per device.
However, Apple doesn't appear to be stopping the sales. The startups with names like ActivateMyiOS and Activate My UDID, offer secure payments, customer support and sometimes guarantees.
The startups are limited to 100 devices, but simply register a new account when they they hit the century mark. “I set up a new Apple developer account every time I need another list,” one of the unidentified startup owners told Wired. “I have 30 developer accounts, all with the same name and address, and Apple’s never said anything.”
Apple said that it can and will terminate accounts that violate the Developer Program License Agreement. It also said that unauthorized distribution is prohibited, and those developers may be subject to both civil and criminal prosecution. But these startups all told Wired they weren't worried, especially since they had no contact with Apple in the several years they have been selling pre-release software. Plus, they're making money -- around $8.99 for each activation.
Those looking to score an alpha version of iOS 6 should know that it's definitely buggy and unsatisfying. However, if you want a look at the new version of software and are willing to pay for it, you are not alone.
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