Gavin Newsom Calls Jerry Brown a Rumormonger

Newsom says his campaign has raised more cash than it seems.

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At an unrelated press event yesterday, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told reporters that California Attorney General Jerry Brown was spreading the rumor that Newsom is considering dropping out of the gubernatorial race.

In its current incarnation, the rumor has Newsom running for Lieutenant Governor on a ticket with Brown, which Newsom shot down. "It's a complete lie. Who makes that up?"

He went on to answer his own question, adding, "It's Jerry Brown who's putting those rumors out."

Newsom lags behind Brown in both polls and fundraising, though his campaign argues that he has more money than is currently reported on the Secretary of State's Web site that tracks campaign fundraising.

That's because while an appearance with Bill Clinton didn't raise much from deep-pocketed donors giving more than $5,000, there were many smaller donations according to Newsom campaign manager Nick Clemons.

The ActBlue Web site reports that the mayor has raised over $1.3 million from more than 5,000 supporters online, with the Secretary of State reporting $1.7 million raised, and the campaign saying $4.5 million is the real number.

Jackson West wouldn't put it past Brown, who's got plenty of experience with realpolitik.

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