West Philly Opossum Returns for a Saint Patrick's Day Photo Shoot

Gary the Trash Cat, a West Philadelphia domesticated opossum who loves being photographed, returns to the spotlight for a lucky photo shoot ahead of Saint Patrick's Day.

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Katy DiSanto
Katy DiSanto
The domesticated opossum wore his Saint Patrick's Day outfit for the shoot: a green bedazzled top hat, an orange beard wig and a classic "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirt in photos supplied to NBC10 by owner Katy DiSanto.
Katy DiSanto
Gary the Trashcat (he is actually an opossum, not a cat) was 3 months old when he did his 'Santa' shoot in December. The now 6-month-old opossum went through a growth spurt and has gained 2 pounds since then.
Katy DiSanto
Gary has also amassed a huge following on his Instagram account since Christmas -- going from 133 to 1,192 followers.
Katy DiSanto
DiSanto created an Instagram page for her furry friend when she noticed her personal account was overwhelmed with photos of him. He goes by @gary.the.trashcat.
Katy DiSanto
His sense of smell has become more powerful as well, DiSanto said.
Katy DiSanto
EMPTY_CAPTION"Did you know jellybeans have a 'smell'? I didn't," she said. "Apparently Gary can smell them, because whenever I'm eating them he gets very excited and won't leave me alone until I share."
Katy DiSanto
DiSanto plans on dressing Gary up for an Easter photo shoot -- stay tuned!
Katy DiSanto
Gary is tame and dependent on humans. He has special paperwork from the Department of Fish and Wildlife that permits him to live with people.
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