Furnace Creek’s Pre-Holiday Deal

No stress here: Steal away to the desert when the bustle becomes too bustle-y.

Furnace Creek Resort

WHEN PUSH COMES TO...POOL: The notion of "bustle" gets a lot of prominent play come December. People bustle about, with bags and packages in hand, as they buy ribbons and bows and the 97 other accouterments that go into staging a present-filled festivity. But finding presence, as in a quiet moment to reflect upon the season and the year as a whole, is also a good thing, and no bustle is required. In fact, removing the bustle from the whole equation can be a plus, allowing the former bustlerer to take a day or two to de-whatever: de-stress, de-hurry, de-bustle, before jumping back in. That's where the early Decembertime hotel deals come in, those getaway eye-catchers that provide people with some desired downtime amid all of the hectic happenings. And few places qualify for the title of Downtime Central like Death Valley National Park, which happens to be where the...

FURNACE CREEK RESORT... is located. The historic desert-gorgeous spread, which includes both the root-and-toot-y Ranch at Furnace Creek and the elegant Inn at Furnace Creek, is offering 30-percent off stays on select December nights. The Inn's deal is on for Dec. 4, 6, and 9th through 18th, while The Ranch has lasso'd the cash-keeping special for Dec. 4 and 9. There are asterisks, just like there are stars over Death Valley at night, including the fact that resort fees and taxes aren't included. What is included? Removing yourself from the bustle for a day or two, the better to catch your breath before heading back into the fun and festiveness of the end of the year. Will a little desert time do you good? And will this deal smile upon your holidaytime budget? Saddle up and ride for the details.

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