Political Interest Group Freedom Watch Files Lawsuit Against Several Silicon Valley Companies

Several social media Silicon Valley companies were hit with a lawsuit Friday for allegedly restraining "conservative and pro-Trump public interest groups, advocates and other to further leftist anti-conservative agendas from their pages."

Political interest group Freedom Watch is accusing Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Instagram of helping bring down President Donald Trump and nullifying the vote of the millions of citizens who voted for the president.

Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch and former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor, announced the filing of the class action lawsuit saying, "Our inert and compromised Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unwilling to take strong action through his Antitrust Division as he has become the darling of the left given his refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, prominent Democrats and others who are alleged to have committed crimes, while at the same time giving Robert Mueller carte blanche to proceed with his 'witch hunt"

He went on to claim its now Freedom Watch’s job to "right this discrimination against conservatives by the social media giants."

"Out complaint asks for injunctive relief and in excess of a billion dollars in damages, including punitive damages, pales in comparison to what the Commission of the European Union has already levied against such social media giants such as Google for their alleged ruthless tactics in stifling competition," Klayman said.

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