#FreeChrisChristie: NJ Governor Stands Stoically Behind Donald Trump on Super Tuesday

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took to the podium to introduce Donald Trump after Trump's impressive showing on Super Tuesday.

As Trump began his victory speech from Florida, Christie stepped back and stood behind him with a blank stare. An animated Trump took questions from reporters while Christie stood motionless in the background and did not maintain the role of "hype man." Soon, Christie was trending on Twitter.

"I'm a unifier. I know people are going to find that a little hard to believe but believe me," Trump said to the press.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was sweeping through the South on Super Tuesday, with the Republican front-runner claiming victory in the party’s primaries in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Massachusetts.

"We have expanded the Republican party. When you look at what's happened at South Carolina and you see the kinds of numbers that we got, in terms of extra people coming in."

What was Christie thinking while Trump spoke?

One person on Twitter posted a clip with Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" in the background.

Here are more of the social media posts that opined on the occasion. .
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