Frankly Speaking, More Great Times Ahead: New Frankies 570 Opens on Hudson

Childhood pals Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli opened the beloved Frankies Spuntino in Brooklyn in 2004, the first of what are now three locations. Early last month, they expanded to the West Village and opened Frankies 570. We've been to their cozy Brooklyn and Clinton Street locations and are happy to hear that the new spot is the largest space they have so far, which means more seats and more dishes for all of us! We talked to the Franks--a couple of affable guys who are deeply talented and classically trained who are all about good food and good company--and we couldn't help but want to just pour a glass of wine, or two, and just hang out with them.

Tell us about the newest Frankies Spuntino, Frankies 570. What has been the best part of the West Village build-out?

Frank Castronovo: It's good to be back in the village where we spent many years living and working in other restaurants. It's great to see old people that we know on the street and coming in--still lots of the same faces. And of course, there is the unique energy of being in the city. It's kind of like going away from home for a long time. Coming back feels good, feels like home.

Frank Falcinelli: For me, it's of course the neighborhood and restoring a building in need of it. I really value being able to provide a great service in a great neighborhood. 

Your philosophy of creating "solid restaurants, likable down to the smallest detail" makes for such copacetic dining experiences. Does 570 have any twist or unique element to it?

FC: 570 is the largest dining room we have so we can feed more people and it's beautiful. It also has the most well-equipped kitchen enabling us to cook the classic Spuntino menu and to add a wide array of new dishes. The new kitchen gives us room to experiment. 

FF: We designed the bar from scratch--it's a Brunswick Bar. We actually designed it a few years ago based on drawings from the 1800s. Our architect, friend and mentor, Tony Durazzo, took old catalogs and photos and made drawings from them. Then we had it handmade. The restoration glass is amazing and the coffered ceiling was inspired by trips to Europe. And of course working with great paint is always fun. It's important to use high-quality paint.

What is your favorite thing to cook at 570?

FC: Pasta. We have an amazing pasta program, all handmade pastas. The styles and shapes are limitless.

FF: I really like the calamari. The new pastas are amazing… and the confit apple tart.

What are your favorite late-night bites?

FC: Grilled Calamari at our new restaurant.

FF: Linguini with Blue Crab Claw.

What are you favorite late-night pairings?

FC: Ice cold oysters and a glass of Schloss Muhlenhof Michel Müller-Thurgau Perlwein "Dass ist" at Prime Meats.

FF: The calamari at Frankies 570 and the red wine on tap there.

What are you favorite things to eat between two buns?

FC: Meatballs. A meatball sandwich.

FF: I like to take the braciole and make it into a sandwich on Grandaisy Pizza Bianca.

For more fun, check out Frank Falcinelli’s last meal as described in the NYT: "First course: nasturtium appetizer at Noma. Second course: toro tasting at Sasabune. Third course: a plate of jamon and anchovy peppers from La Cepa in San Sebastián. Fourth course: braised stinco from Ardigna in Sicily. Fifth course: orange tart made by Philippe Urraca, Gimont, France, and a slice of mom's apple pie." [The New York Times]

When you need that Frankies fix at home, you can do so! Get a copy of their amazing cookbook The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual.

Frankies 570
570 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

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