Fourth Time’s the Charm: Tom Arnold Weds Again

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Tom Arnold is married ... again.

The comedian tied the knot with Ashley Groussman on Saturday in Maui, his spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

Actor Dax Shepard served as Arnold's best man. More than 75 people attended the ceremony, People magazine reported:

Arnold and home organizer Groussman, who wore a Claire Pettibone gown, met through mutual friends in April 2008. "I knew that if I could get Ashley to fall in love with me, I'd never have to worry about anything else as long as I lived," Arnold wrote on the couple's page. The two became engaged this past March at Arnold's 50th birthday party. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world!" Groussman wrote.

This is Arnold's fourth marriage. So far, his brides have included Roseanne Barr (1990-1994), Julie Lynne Champnella (1995-1999) and Shelby Roos (2002-2008).

Arnold can be seen at the Laugh Factory as the host of the weekly "Laughing With The Stars."

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