Former ‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Talks Addiction & Lindsay Lohan


Jodie Sweetin was just 5 years old when she co-starred on TV's "Full House." But early fame came at a price as a young Jodie became addicted to alcohol and drugs.

After several attempts at rehab, Jodie was able to clean up her life. And it was a healthy Jodie who opened up to Access Hollywood's Tony Potts about her once self-destructive lifestyle and how she sees Lindsay Lohan following the same dangerous path.

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"What do you think when you see the Lindsay Lohan types and you see what's going on and you see what's happening with them. What goes through your head?" Tony asked.

"You know, what goes through my head is…it's hard, it's hard to… go through something like that publicly," she said.

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"There are people that go out, go to clubs, go drinking, go to bars every night… fall down, do all kinds of things that their friends see, their families see, " Jodie continued. "Those people are worried about them. But… the world doesn't know."

The former "Full House" star knows first-hand the toll addiction can take on your life.

Having overcome an addiction to alcohol and crystal meth, she now has almost a year of sobriety under her belt.

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"[Lindsay's] been to rehab three times," Tony said.

"Right, I mean it's… I've done that," Jodie said. "I've gone through a couple times and I've gotten sober and not sober and sober and not sober and… The saddest thing is knowing that there's nothing anybody can do until that person's ready. You can't save anybody. They have to do it themselves."

"Is she the girl you used to be?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, definitely," she said. "That's exactly the person that I used to be."

As the 27-year-old writes in her new memoir, "UnSweetined," her addiction nearly ended up costing Jodie custody of her baby daughter, Zoie, after she put the tot's life in danger.

"There was an incident, it was brought up in court and everything that I had been drinking and I had gone to a friend's house and there was some arguing going on and I was upset," Jodie said. "And then I drove home with her in the car. I think, at the time, it was like… it's a short distance, it's not that far, it'll be OK. I just need to get home and… looking back on it now, it's one of the things that I really wish I could go back and change 'cause I never wanted to be that person. I never wanted to be that mom."

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