Former Googler: Google+ Is “Facebook-Lite”

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A former Google+ designer calls Google's social network "Facebook-lite" and only a newsfeed, according to reports.

Chris Messina, a former user experience designer for Google+, left the company last year but wrote in an epic post on Medium that the fledgling social network is loser compared to Facebook, calling it a "newsfeed," "Facebook-lite" and "adrift at sea." Essentially Messina finds it a failure in the social network arena because it didn't "deliver on its initial vision of empowering users with the vast amount of data that Google collects about them," according to Mashable.

The problem started with its name, Messina argued, because it was chosen so it could be easily dismissed if it was a failure by just dropping the "+". Messina  said he wanted Google+ to be the "trusted party" for users online information with plenty of controls -- essentially better than what Facebook users currently have. But, according to Messina, that didn't happen and Google balked on adding the new features.

Currently, Google doesn't appear to be promoting Google+ very much which is causing some critics to wonder if the tech titan is thinking of a revamp or complete rebranding.

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