Flower Fantasy: LotusFest! 2016

Journey to Santa Barbara for a lark at a landmark.

Ganna Walska Lotusland

WHAT'S IN A NAME: Most public gardens, or private nature spreads, tend to have names that reflect an early proprietor of the garden, or an early owner of the estate, or a moniker that pays tribute to the general climate or larger area in which the garden exists. The occasional garden, however, incorporates a single plant or flower in its handle, which can only lead the potential visitor to one conclusion: You're going to see that flower or plant, in profusion, should you arrive at the right time of year. Case in point: Ganna Walska Lotusland, in Santa Barbara, indeed has "lotus" in its very name, but the mythical bloom only makes its magnificent presence known during particular times of the year. At Lotusland, that time of year falls during July and August, and so pretty are those pinky petals that the historic estate throws a party to welcome them. Lotusfest 2016 is that party, and will unfold its to-dos and activities, much like its namesake unfolds, on...

SATURDAY, JULY 9: There shall be wine from area vintners — this is Santa Barbara, after all — and there shall be savory bites, to keep your energy up for all of that lotus-directed appreciating you intend to do. It's an afternoon affair, with all the charms of a traditional garden soiree, and tickets are a pinch over a hundred bucks for non-members. As for the lotus love? You'll see 'em in their open-to-the-sky form. But here's a lotus fact to know, just in case you ever long to see the blossoms by moonlight: Like human beings, lotuses take a rest after dark. They don't tuck into bed, but they do tuck those petals away, an age-old rite that further lends the lotus its well-deserved aura of mystery.

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