Florida Man Called 911 80 Times Asking for Kool-Aid and Weed Deliveries: Authorities

Jarvis Sutton facing charge of misuse of 911 system after calling emergency service 80 times: Police

A St. Petersburg man who called 911 about 80 times Sunday saying he wanted Kool-Aid, burgers and weed delivered to him instead got a trip to jail, police said.

Jarvis Sutton, 34, is facing a charge of misuse of the 911 system following his arrest Sunday, according to Pinellas County Sheriff's Office jail records. He was being held on $150 bond Wednesday and it was unknown whether he has an attorney.

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Police said Sutton admitted to making the calls.

"The defendant admitted to calling 911 because he 'wanted Kool-Aid, burgers and weed to be delivered to him,'" an officer wrote in an arrest affidavit obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

On his way to jail, Sutton started chewing on foam attached to metal caging in the back of the police cruiser, the report said.

It was the second bizarre arrest in the past week in St. Petersburg for misuse of 911. Katrina Tisdale, 47, was arrested after police say she called 911 to tell officers she wanted $50 she had just given to a drug dealer for cocaine and marijuana back.

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