Float to Discovery Cube OC for Bubblefest

The science-sudsy affair opens just in time for spring break.

Discovery Cube

BUBBLES AREN'T JUST A SPRING THING, nor are they consigned to the tub, the sink, or the shower. We see bubbles throughout the year, from foamier areas of white water rivers, come our summertime hikes, to the the bubbles of Halloween (seen above warm cauldrons, of course), to the holiday season bubbles, which appear in bauble form, clear and glassy, upon Christmas trees. But let's be as bubbly as we can be here while still remaining honest: Spring does feel like an extra bubble-major moment of the year, thanks to its natural effervescence and lighter-than-air outlook. So if you're going to schedule a bubble-oriented festival anywhere on the calendar, you're probably going to choose a time around the first day of spring, which is just what the Discovery Cube Orange County wisely does each year. The festival we're floating to here? It's Bubblefest, and it drifts into view right around the time that kids go on spring break, making it a weekday must, or, yes, a weekend favorite, for families seeking an outing that's science-fun and a bit offbeat.

MARCH 24 THROUGH APRIL 8... are the 2018 dates, and the 22nd go-around will include a number of amazing experiences and sights, as expected: think Bubble Lab, think Water Spheres, and an Early Learners bubble-focused exploration, for those tots ages 5 and under. And, yep, the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is bubbleloved, which is like "beloved," only for bubbles, but do keep in mind that "(g)uests will need to select a show time when purchasing their ticket." You'll want to see the times for the show, as well as what else is afoot, or, rather, up in the air, during Bubblefest. And, yes, there are some nifty pictures, too, because the fact is that iridescent soapy orbs are awesome photo subjects. Find all of that floaty fantastical fun right... floating floating... over... floating... here, bubble fans.

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