Flickr Replaces Outgoing Picnik With Aviary Photo Editor


As Google's Picnik photo editing service prepares to close up shop on April 19, Flickr has announced a partnership with a new photo editing application called Aviary. Aviary will be rolling out across Flickr over the next two weeks staring today; users can find it in the "Actions" menu.

Aviary is an HTML 5 based editor that will allow for greater platform compatibility, including tablets such as the iPad. Flickr notes that Aviary has a larger base set of features, and is likely to roll out premium features and content for users to purchase.

Instead of being a service like outgoing Picnik, New York based Aviary is a photo editing technology supported by investors such as founder Jeff Bezos. The company and its technology has cut its teeth through licensing deals with app developers for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and such photo hosting services as Imgur.

The partnership with Yahoo's Flickr, which reports uploads of 3.5 million photo uploads each day, moves the startup and its technology into the consumer spotlight.

In the meantime Picnik users can still retrieve their photos before the April 19 deadline; at that time some of the Picnik features will be moved over to Google+. They report that as of February 20, all refunds for their premium service had been submitted for processing.

Via Geekwire, The Verge

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