Flashlights + Friday the 13th at the Winchester Mystery House

The eerie holiday will make an April appearance (meaning a flashlight tour at the San Jose landmark).

Winchester Mystery House

FRIDAY THE 13TH, it may be accurately said, can show up in any month that has A) Fridays and B) a 13th day. Indeed, that's every month on the calendar, which means it has a way of popping up at all points during our yearly 365-day run from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve. A Friday the 13th alert on your phone or favorite device might be handy, if you're a fan of the not-too-frightful (but definitely lore-packed) occasion, all to let you know if the bewitching holiday will pop up in spring, summer, fall, or all three. There can be threebie years, for sure, in the Ft13th realm, but 2018 will deliver a pair, and they won't happen too far from each other, all told. The first one is in April, and the second? That would be the height of the summer season, in the middle of July. So if you prefer a few cooler breezes with your eerie outings, best make the most of the April Friday the 13th, for July might be toasty. There is, of course, a ready-made event for devotees of the day, and it happens at the...

WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE: As is tradition, Sarah Winchester's labyrinth-like abode will hold a Friday the 13th flashlight tour on Friday, April 13. Tickets are available, but they do fly as fast as a bat, and they're $49 each. Of course, if you know your Winchester-based traditions, you also know that something else happens at the San Jose landmark promptly at 1 in the afternoon on each and every Friday the 13th: The tower bell tolls 13 times, yes, "at the 13th hour of the day... in honor of Mrs. Winchester's favorite numeral." Even in the springtime, the storied manse can rock more than a touch of October-style whimsy.

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