Firefox Add on Lets Users Watch the Watchers

In its quest to fend off Chrome from surpassing its popularity, the makers of Firefox is taking the battle to the users.

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs <a target="_blank" href="
">introduced a new feature this week that will allow Firefox users to track everyone who is tracking them.

"Collusion will allow us to pull back the curtain and provide users with more information about the growing role of third parties, how data drives most Web experiences, and ultimately how little control we have over that experience and our loss of data," Kovacs said at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference this week.

The introduction of the Firefox add-on called Collusion comes as Google flipped the switch on a controversial new way it collects user data this week, where the company streamlines the data collected from all Google products its users access.

Firefox is also in a battle to retain its position as the second most popular browser, just head of Google's Chrome.

Collusion shows web surfers in real time what companies are tracking his or her move at the moment.

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