Fiorina Launches Ad Blitz

Thanks to a $2M handout from the GOP, Carly Fiorina can afford to go on the attack.


Get out the popcorn: the Fiorina-Boxer show is getting good.

What can Carly Fiorina buy with $2 million? It's just a fraction of what her friend Meg Whitman is spending in the gubernatorial race, but Fiorina has just launched a multi-million-dollar ad blitz, courtesy of a handout from the national Republican Party.

Up until now, Fiorinia had previously been lagging in fundraising.

Although the candidates were running neck-and-neck for some time, Boxer has recently begun to pull ahead in the polls. This latest round of ads is clearly an effort to reverse that. In the commercials, Fiorina says that California's economic woes are Boxer's fault, to the tune of "trillions" in "wasteful spending."

According to the ads, Boxer is "crushing hopes."

It's unclear exactly what "wasteful spending" the Republicans are referring to -- the stimulus bill? It's true that Boxer voted for the bill, which many economists say helped to weaken the pain of the recession. Fiorina has called the bill a waste, saying that the money wasn't well-spent and the jobs that were created will soon disappear. And Fiorina knows a thing or two about disappearing jobs, having laid off tens of thousands of people while CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

The new ads are a bit slicker than Fiorina's infamous "demon sheep" commercial, a low-budget dadaist production that left many scratching their heads. The company that produced it, Strategic Perceptions, is now working for Christine "Evolution is a Myth" O'Donnell.

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