Feastibal: Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Sup 'n socialize festivals don't come tonier, nor toque-ier, nor tastier.

Gina Sinotte

A LAUDED CHEF... making an appearance at food-themed event is pretty much always a big deal, and fine dining devotees would hardly say otherwise. But what to say of a four-day happening that includes not just one, not just ten, but over 100 top toques? Well, you could say this: We must be referring to Pebble Beach Food & Wine, which is regarded up, down, and all around as one of the planet's toniest/tastiest to-dos involving the pleasures of the plate and the good things of the glass. It can be difficult to fathom how so many nibbles, and demos, and sips, and bubbles, and forkfuls can fit within the long-weekend framework, but everything does. The key, of course, is to à la carte your way through the March 31-April 3 events, which will pop up at the resorts of the festival's namesake location. 

THE EDIBLE-DRIVEN EVENTS include "The New Napa Experience" with Christopher Kostow and Nathaniel Dorn (think "family-style cuisine" with a contemporary wine country take) as well as Boozes & Bites Lunch at the character-packed Restaurant 1833. There are beverage-centered doings, too, which shouldn't surprise anyone, as over 250 libation-smart pros'll be out and about during the four-day feastibal (which is like a festival, only more feasty). A Big Bottles Bubbles Seminar addresses why some vinos show up in vessels larger than the standard-sized wine bottle (surely a mystery to many), while Champagne Bollinger is the star at a retrospective tasting.

FOOD & WINE... is the host for all of this Pacific-close cuisine goodness, as the name reveals, and foodies from all corners, be those corners in restaurant kitchens, or at editorial desks, or in home kitchens, will be front-and-center at the events. Oh, and those events don't solely have to be à la carte, if you want to purchase a full-on, more-than-one happening package. But whatever road you take, keep in mind that A) lodging will go, go, go and B) so will spots at the brunches and lunches. "Sold out" is kind of the cri de coeur of this popular gathering, at least in the final days running up to the big event. Don't let the bubbles on attending this bash go flat (in other words, dilly-dally not).

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