Family Sues LAUSD After Boy Said He Wasn't Allowed to Go to Bathroom at School

The family claims the boy was allegedly fitted with garbage bags on top of urine-soaked clothes.

The family who accused staff at a school of forcing an 8-year-boy to urinate in a trash can in front of his classmates and wear a garage bag over his urine soaked clothes, filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles Unified School District this week. 

The alleged incident happened in March.

The family's attorney, Toni Jaramilla told reporters in March that the boy was "subjected to reckless, cruel and abusive conduct" after the third grader's mother claims staff at Manhattan Elementary School at 18520 W. 96th Street repeatedly refused to allow her son to use the restroom.

"When something or someone harms any of our children, especially in a school setting, it affects all of us,'' said Jaramilla in March. "It affects our community."

The boy's mother, Sonia Mongol, said her son asked to use the restroom and was told no repeatedly.

She said her son was getting to the point when he was going to urinate his pants when his teacher told him to go to the bathroom in the trashcan in front of the class. 

"He's a little kid. Why would you make a child expose himself in front of the classroom and then put a garbage bag on him when he came to you for help?" Mongol said.

After splashing urine on himself, the boy went to the teacher in question and a nurse. The family claims no one called his parents, and he was fitted with a garbage bag instead at an after-school program.

The family's attorney has since negotiated moving the boy to a different school. 

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