Fairmont Miramar’s Malibu-Cool Surf Package

Stay at the Santa Monica property, then go 'bu for a lesson on the waves.

STANDING ON A SURFBOARD? Learning where to point your feet, your hips, your chin? Discovering how tall to stand, how much lean to give, and where to put your weight? It's all essential education when you want to ride a wave. For while surfers appear to not possess a care in the world, to the eyes of an envious landlubber on the beach, there are a whole set of righteous skills required, skills that can make the whole art of hanging ten look as effortless. Picking up some of the basics, and getting to really put board to foam (and your feet to the board), is possibly at a number of schools around Southern California, but there are only a few places that combine a luxury hotel stay with your day out at the beach. One of those lovely spots, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, recently launched a...

MIRAMAR TO MALIBU... package. The luxe Santa Monica destination is just a hop-skip from Malibu — well, and a little PCH driving, too — which means that you can have your swanky stay and your sandy-sweet lesson, out at the Malibu Surf Shack, with a surf instructor. Will the Miramar give you a lift out and back to the 'bu? You better 'bu-lieve it. Shall there be fortifying yet nicely fancy supping to do, to keep your energy up? Count on a "... beach picnic lunch from FIG Restaurant," oh yeah. Look also for Vilebruquin rash guards, a complimentary addition to your day out in the sun (they're "exclusively designed for Fairmont Miramar guests).

THE LESSON... is 90 minutes, what you take from it is yours forever (so brag away about your new surfing know-how), and the cost, which includes a deluxe Miramar overnight, in addition to the surf school? It starts at $849 for the first night, with additional nights priced at $599; you'll want to book Monday through Friday, as that's when lessons are available (updated).

HANG TEN... now, to the hotel's site, for all the rad info. By the by, Malibu Surf Shack can trace its sun-soaked roots back to 1972, making it a true surf-famous original. How many waves have been caught by how many Malibu Surf Shack students over the decades? Well, there are for sure more fish in the sea, but the number is for sure is way high. Tubular? Indeed.

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