Facebook Adds ‘Registered to Vote' to Timeline

As the election year heats up, Facebook has already partnered with CNN to galvanize its users to vote, but its latest move is now adding "Registered to Vote" to users' timelines.

"Election Day in the United States is right around the corner and people are increasingly using Facebook to discuss candidates, campaigns, and critical issues facing the country," Facebook announced Monday. So, now users can "share" their stories about "when, where or why you decided to register" to vote. 

And if users aren't registered, then there will be a link to a user's state election authority. Facebook said that the feature will inform the "citizenry" and make them more involved.  

We have to love any website that informs the public or helps them to vote (and we love anyone using the word "citizenry") but we're not sure this will guilt all our non-voting friends into voting. Still, for those who are proud of their voting record,  the new addition to the timeline will be a welcome one.

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