Facebook Puts Your Posts All Over the Web


Facebook will now let you post your messages around the Web so everyone can see what you think.  

Users will now be able to update their status around the Web, including CNN, Huffington Post and People, Facebook announced Wednesday. The embedded posts will look similar to tweets plucked from Twitter that often line news stories. Third-party sites now can get access to photos, status updates posts with hashtags and videos, according to AllThingsD.
While this sounds dangerously like making the private public, embedded posts are created solely by the user. A user makes the choice to embed a post, then copies and pastes the code to do so. Of course, after the user does that, they have little power about what happens next. People then like, share or comment on your embedded post.
Facebook will roll out the embedded posts in the next few weeks.
Most consider this Facebook's attempt to unseat Twitter as the media's social network darling. Twitter is streamlined and well-suited to a short-attention span news network, but Facebook's social network seems lunky and ponderous. We know that Facebook intends of beefing up its mobile offerings and this can only help those aspirations.
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