Facebook Hires Editors to Choose User News


Facebook is hiring human editors to serve its users personalized news stories on the social network's news feed.

Facebook is working on a new  mobile app called Paper which will work as a news-aggregation system on about 10 "news verticals" then serving up the best stories in each subject, according to Re/Code, which is citing two unnamed sources.

Instead of an algorithm, human editors will select these articles to place on Facebook's News Feed.

While Facebook has no official word on the hushed-up project, but it could mean a lot of changes for developers and users, especially those who use Facebook as a way to distribute content.
Would you want to use the social network when it features your competition prominently in its 1 billion users' news feeds?
The new app does have limitations.
The stories in Paper must have been distributed on Facebook rather than any outside outlet, and some say this may be Mark Zuckerberg's intent -- to get more media companies posting on Facebook and make it a content destination rather than just a social network.
But will users embrace this new app? That's unknown, but Facebook is willing to take that chance so it can grab even more users to look at its online ads.
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