Expect Even More Heart – and Heartache – In “Hart of Dixie”

The dramedy's stars reveal more romance, music and pratfalls in the second season.

The South has risen again on The CW: “Hart of Dixie” returns for a second season.

The airy, sudsy melodrama centered around newbie New York doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) unexpectedly setting up a practice in a colorful small town in Alabama’s Gulf Coast charmed viewers in its debut season with its lighthearted mix of romantic back-and-forths, young professional angst and fish-out-of-water misunderstandings. And for Season Two, Zoe’s heart will be beating for not one but two promising suitors.

“There's definitely going to be a lot of love triangle action,” promises Bilson, revealing that Zoe will now have a clearer set of options between previously forbidden fruit George (Scott Porter), whose engagement to Lemon Breeland appears kaput, and bartender Wade (Wilson Bethel), who’s been quietly nursing a crush on the pretty doctor on the downlow.

“Team George or Team Wade – that's going to be fun to play with,” says Bilson. “George is single, so that leaves that option open. Wade's character is like the fun bad boy, and George's character is the more put together, responsible guy. I guess it's just personal preference who you root for.”

Bilson says she’s enjoyed discovering who Zoe is over the course of the freshman season. “She's really fun because she's true to herself – she just is a mess, though,” says the actress, “And she's clumsy. I get to do a lot of the physical comedy this year. I fall a lot. No practice – I just go home bruised and that's that.”

Meanwhile, co-star Jaime King hints that, now that her character Lemon’s romantic history with Lavon (Cress Williams) has been revealed, her seemingly perfect façade may finally drop away. “I'd like to see Lemon exploring who she really is and trying to figure that out,” says King. “I feel like sometimes you have to be hit over the head with a two-by-four like a million times before you realize, 'Oh, this isn't working for me.' I think that Lemon is kind of at that point now, where she's realizing that her life is falling apart and what's really going to work for her, what's going to make her happy.”

King’s pleased that, though Lemon appeared at first to be “Hart of Dixie’s” primary antagonist, she was gradually revealed to be a much more vulnerable but relatable character. “I love the way that the writers gave me that very strong ending in the finale, because even though she was losing something incredibly important she happened to have this strength to sort of knock it in the face,” she says.

Claudia Lee, who plays Lemon’s teenage sister Magnolia, reveals that her character will be getting her own share of plotlines, amid a fresh infusion of new blood into Bluebell. “We have a lot of great storylines and so many new characters – it’s very exciting because this season is going to be very different from last season,” she explains. “People are going to see a lot more of my character Magnolia, see her mature and grow up and have a lot more instances with her sister Lemon and her dad.”

Lee’s also got an extra surprise to be enthused about: “I get to sing one of my songs, ‘Take My Hand,’ off my album ‘Here Right Now,’” says the 16-year-old. “It’s the next single I’m releasing, actually – everything worked out really nicely and I’m very excited about how it’s going to be playing into the episode, and that my character gets to sing again!”


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