Ex-Special Forces, Brothers Disarm, Sit On Alleged Robber

Witnesses said two men came running when they heard their brother was shot

A former special forces soldier who survived being shot in the face in an attempted robbery Monday pinned his attacker, with his brothers' help, until police came, authorities said.

Police said construction workers were on the job near Crispus Attucks Park, renovating a home in Washington D.C.'s Bloomingdale neighborhood. Witnesses said one of the workers, a 40-year-old man, walked out of the house to his van to get some tools when he was assaulted by another man with a gun.

Witnesses said the attempted robber put the gun up to the man’s jaw and demanded money. The victim, who was a former special forces soldier in the Guatemalan army, made a combat move in an attempt to disarm the alleged robber, but the man was able to get off one shot, striking the victim in the face.

People nearby said two construction workers came outside and subdued the alleged robber, wrestling the gun away and taking him to the ground. The two men, brothers of the victim, were also working on the job.

Police arrived on the scene and found the brothers sitting on the alleged robber. Investigators have not released the name of the alleged robber or the condition of the shooting victim.

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