Los Angeles Rams

Eric Weddle Is Re-Retiring After Super Bowl Win (and He Also Tore His Pec, Apparently)

Eric Weddle's brief stint with the Rams ended with a self-diagnosed torn pec and a Super Bowl victory on Sunday

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Los Angeles Rams rental safety Eric Waddle confirmed to reporters that he is "re-retiring" following Sunday's Super Bowl LVI win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Weddle, who initially came out of retirement on Jan. 12 to help stabilize a banged-up Rams secondary, went on to share something else of interest with the media to go along with that career-related announcement.

According to the 37-year-old, the upper-body injury he suffered in the first half versus the Bengals is actually a torn pectoral muscle. Weddle got hurt on a tackle but didn't miss any significant time.

He plans to have surgery soon, he said.

As painful as that ailment may be, Weddle is no doubt pleased with how his return to the workplace went, as all he needed was five weeks to go from unemployed to Super Bowl champion.

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