Elton John Prepping His Own “Moulin Rouge”-esque Biopic, Wants Timberlake

Did you expect something restrained and somber from a the man who used to wear sunglasses made of Emu feathers and sparklers? 

Elton John recently told The Los Angeles Times that he's prepping his own biopic thank you very much, and he already has a style and a star firmly in mind.

"It's going to be a surreal look at my life, and not just a factual look at my life, more in the manner of a Moulin Rouge," claims John. "I just don't want it to be a normal biopic because my life hasn't been like that. And it only goes up to when I go into rehab in 1990. It starts with me going into rehab and ends when I come out."

And who better to portray Elton this "Moulin Rouge"/"All That Jazz"-style musical extravaganza than....Justin Timberlake?

John claims that the singer/actor is his "number one" choice to star, but of course there has been nothing official out of any camps, and no signed dotted lines at this point.

Philip Seymour Hoffman must be so miffed.

John then said he'd be "making an announcement about [the film] very, very soon." He then added: "It's just going to be a matter of getting the script exactly the way we want it... then we'll start trying to cast and plan."

We'll keep you posted. It has to be better than "Gnomeo & Juliet," right? 

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