Doug Liman Directing One of the Dueling “Three Musketeers” Films

Doug Liman's love of genre hopping continues apace with his having signed on to direct one of the two "Three Musketeers" films currently in the works.

Liman will begin shooting "The Three Musketeers" in the fall for Warner Bros., which hopes to recycle the formula that made "Sherlock Holmes" a success, what Deadline Hollywood called a "modern period style." Naturally, it will be filmed in 3D.

Also coming in 3D is, that's right, "The Three Musketeers," from director Paul WS Anderson, who's made a career out of pitting Milla Jovivich against zombies. This version is to start shooting in the summer.

We know we whine ad nauseum about reboots/remake/retoolings/sequels.... but c'mon! Do we really need two of these things in the works? To say nothing of the fact this story in particular has been done to death.

Liman's next film, "Fair Game," about former CIA agent Valerie Plame's troubles with the Bush Administration's stars Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. The film will be in competition at Cannes beginning Wednesday.

The Liman project we remain most excited about, of course, is his film "Attica," about the infamous prison riots of 1971, which he's developing with screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher ("Precious").

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