Donald Trump Could Win Big Even If He Loses Election

There's a growing chorus saying that Trump could start a right-wing media outlet of his own

With recent polls showing Hillary Clinton maintaining a sizable lead over Republican rival Donald Trump, many Democrats are predicting a landslide win in November.

But if Trump does lose, he's unlikely to just go away, NBC News reports.

Instead, with his ever-tighter ties to former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes (who is now reportedly advising the Republican candidate) and his recent hiring of former Breitbart chairman Steven Bannon, there's a growing chorus, propelled by a recent report in Vanity Fair, saying that Trump's endgame is not the nation's highest office — but to have a right-wing media outlet of his own.

If Trump lost in November and then launched his own media operation — a plan his campaign has repeatedly denied — what would it be exactly? And would it be a success?

"Losing in November would be the best thing that could happen, from a business standpoint," said Jon Klein, former president of CNN's U.S. operations.

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